A Space For Grace SM

Know that YOU are A Space For Grace and that you are not alone.

Journeys to self discovery are like a rose: petals tightly wrapped around the core as protection.  Over time we release the tight hold on what once was, blossoming so that we not only receive, but can share our essence with the world.

Mastery Coaching

Remove the barriers we create for ourselves and bloom.

Events & Retreats

Share your transformative journey with others in guided retreats with enlightened people from all over.


Karen is happy to hold A Space for Grace and share with your audience.

A Space for Grace was founded

as an extension of Karen R. Perry’s own journey of self discovery and awakening. One made possible by being willing to receive help, learning to take powerful pauses (a lot of ’em), and creating her world as a safe place of love and abundance. Helping others to create and hold this space, A Space for Grace, where purpose, passion, peace, joy, and so much more is a holy purpose for Karen — one she considers an honor and a privilege.

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