“After years of dedicating myself to my personal development, I had hit a point where I finally knew I had taken myself as far as I was going to go and needed a one-on-one life coach. I spent almost a whole year looking for one who would be a good fit for me, because I was burnt out from listening to how-to “gurus” and feeling like I was broken; “how to” didn’t work for me. I needed someone who spoke to me at a Soul level and reminded me of my truth. Karen arrived as an answered prayer and within 10 minutes of talking to her I was already moved to tears. I had no idea how I was going to make it happen, but I said YES to my yes and I signed up for a year of Mastery Coaching with her and have been blown away by the results, the healing, and the exponential growth. Over the course of the year I have transformed in such a deep way that I can barely recognize who I once was. This was one of the best investments in myself I’ve ever made that came at absolutely the perfect time.”

Pamela Hsieh, Downers Grove, IL

“Karen is a beautifully caring soul, one that deeply considers and sees. From working with her I felt supported at my core, and things really opened up in my life. A dream project that had been in the works for about a year came into full reality in the time that I was working with her. Her support and insight helped strengthen a foundation for myself even more to allow the things I want, and have dreamed about, to manifest with ease. Sometimes without me even realizing what was happening. Her energy is youthful and warm, but there was a deep sense of communion with her that had me come to the term “spiritual grandmother” for her. I’m grateful to have Karen in my life now as a friend and someone to help guide when needed, she is a blessing.”

Edward Tyler, Los Angeles, CA

“Before I began working with Karen, I hated managing money and was fearful of losing it again by repeating ingrained behavior patterns. My negative conscious and subconscious thoughts resulted in self sabotage, despair, doubt and depression. Also, I was freaked out about dating. Now, I’m more relaxed regarding dating and about money too. My thoughts are different and I am loving myself. I’ve never felt this good in my entire life. I feel empowered, strong and solid. And, I can see a big difference in my relationships with people in general, my family and men. I’m very grateful. Thank you and bless you Karen!”

Kynette Shields, Los Angeles, CA

“Karen creates an amazing space for growth. When I first started working with Karen, I was having health issues, I was always tired and down. I avoided going out with friends and family and work was stressful.

Now, I show up to life! I have awesome family gatherings and my business has expanded. I have made back at least 20 times my investment with Karen!

It has changed my life!”

Michelle M. Granberry, CPA (Auburn, AL)

“During nearly 3 years of soul searching and testing which business configurations would be more suitable vehicles to give expression to my deeper self, I formulated and refined a business vision statement but never wrote one for me personally. Karen correctly identified this as a gap from a holistic perspective. While collaborating on the wording of an all-embracing vision statement, Karen had provided easy to use tools which allowed me to be well prepared for this joyful process in no time.

She turned out to be a very good listener, asked a few very appropriate questions that revealed a deeper truth and just typed as I talked. She made the process fun and easy and in a very short period of time I have a vision statement that moves me to tears of pure joy. I look forward to reading this every day, as Karen strongly encouraged. The vision statement that Karen and I produced as a temporary team now acts as a catalyser for my expansion in exactly those areas that give me the deepest fulfilment and the highest efficiency. Reading this in the morning gives me the energetic boost and drive to go and bring my gifts to the world, with passion, joy and ease.”

Tony J, Coquitlam, British Co

“Karen Perry is an amazing life coach! I can’t praise her enough. She is an absolute joy to be around and always brings a new perspective to any conversation. Karen did an energy scan for me and I was shocked at the things she discovered that I had already been working on. This evolved into a discussion of things I needed to let go and Karen prayed a wonderful channeling prayer over me to release some things that were blocking my growth and happiness.

This was nothing short of amazing as I immediately felt I had let these things go and released them so I could move forward. If you are wavering about using a life coach, give Karen a try as you won’t be disappointed. She delivers every, single time in a way that is so caring and compassionate.”

Audrey Blackburn, NC

“One of my learning principles is, when the student is ready the teacher appears. My coach Karen and I are a living and breathing example of this principle. I have been coached by others, gone through therapy sessions, but until I begin a coaching journey with Karen nothing was as impactful. My time with Karen has been life altering. Our work together has helped me to connect to what is really important to me which positively shifted my self-confidence. Karen’s use of conversational intelligence helped me to realize that aspects of my life were still based on past bad/hurtful experiences that were no longer prevalent in the present. She skillfully coached me into writing and living new stories that are grounded in the infinite possibilities of life. The time spent with Karen has been an invigoratingly awakening experience. Karen has been a blessing to me. I have no doubt that if a person is ready to be the student, open to trusting the process, and committed to doing the work Karen will be a blessing to whomever receives coaching.”

Dr. Z. Harris (Denver, CO)

“When I first started working with Karen, I was in transition. I was getting ready to sell my house, move to another state, and change careers. I was feeling unsure of myself, lacking direction and focus. I started working with Karen to increase my self-motivation, clarity, and confidence and get into action. I knew fear was holding me back and as I worked with Karen on my inner game, I quickly saw results.

With Karen’s help, I created a vision statement for my life, which helped boost my confidence in taking the next steps forward in my personal life and my career. I found a new job that I loved, got my house ready to be put on the market, and overcame the fears I had of making all of those transitions. Karen has a unique ability to lovingly challenge you to break old patterns and coping habits that no longer serve you. I felt deeply understood and cared for by her while she encouraged me to push through my fears to transform myself from the inside out. After working with Karen, I have become more of who I really am–I am more fully embodying my true self and living life from a place of abundance, love and joy.”

Valerie, Mount Laurel, NJ

“If you have the opportunity to hire Karen Perry as your coach, DO IT! Karen is the most caring and compassionate person, and she is someone with whom you will strongly connect. Karen gave me the confidence to embrace my greatness, by reaffirming and championing my own special gifts. This is what great coaches do: she saw in me what I could not appreciate myself, and then she unwaveringly supported and guided me so that I could put my greatness into action.”
Mike, Alpharetta, GA

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