Lines of Love & Unity

To Celebrate Beauty in Diversity


Where:    Anywhere!

When:      Anytime! 

Community invitation to simply stand in Lines of Love & Unity to celebrate beauty in diversity.

Please share with hashtag #linesofloveandunity. Make it your own. Forming lines anywhere possible. Spread through groups & organizations such as those listed below and invite them to pass along the opportunity:

  • Media Outlets
  • Government
  • Education-public, private, all ages, universities & colleges
  • Nature-Parks & Rec
  • Women’s groups
  • Men’s Group
  • Business Groups
  • Cultural/Nationality Groups
  • Spiritual/Religious Organizations
  • Homeless Advocates
  • Housing/Realtors
  • Corporate Employers
  • Banking
  • Health & Wellness
  • Hospitals
  • Athletics
  • Arts
  • Children
  • Youth
  • LGBTQ+
  • First Responders


Suggested dialogue to aide in sharing and recognition:




Stand along streets, sidewalks, parking lots, neighborhoods, ball fields, within places of businesses, etc., respecting social distancing, during specified time.

Briefly share/acknowledge in turn with person(s) adjacent. Speak then listen/Listen then speak…various roles, labels, passions and fears each of us identify & associate with – choosing to recognize things we all have in common – Human Being, Standing in a specific city or town, in a specific county and state, country, continent, on earth. Then share one’s unique interests.

[Example: My name is Karen. I’m a spiritual teacher, certified professional coach, core energy leadership healer and practitioner, an adopted daughter whose parents have passed, a friend, affordable housing owner and developer, former CPA and financial executive, supporter of: ZOE-empowering children in Africa & India, Clemmons UMC, OUT at the Movies, Center for Action and Contemplation, and more. I enjoy life, love to travel, meet new people and experiences. My greatest fear is not being loved and feeling abandoned and alone…I transmute this fear when I remember to simply have faith in love.]


Wow. I love you.               

I’m sorry for not seeing and hearing you before now.

Please forgive me.

I thank you.

            [adaptation of Ho’oponopono]


Remain silent so others may fully hear, be heard, see and be seen within range.

Then, by all means, please freely share and discover commonalities and expect to be amazed by the paradox of just how similar and diverse each of us truly are.


Depart as you choose and consider simply sharing this blessing:  “Be Well”.

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